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Help Us Open Doors of Access to Abundant Life in South Asia!

Your gifts enable our national teams to bring Christ's hope and healing to children, families and communities struggling with disabilities in South Asia.

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A Message from the Founder

From Curse to Conduits of Blessing

As Christians, we are called to carry Christ's hope-giving, life-affirming message of abundant life to all peoples; both in word and deed.

Yet, millions of children and adults with disabilities in South Asia lack access to basic rehabilitation, education, opportunities of employment and the hope of the Gospel. Their lives are weighed down by poverty, discrimination and social exclusion. Their communities see them as cursed. For many with disabilities in South Asia, that's how they see themselves.

Your gift helps break down these centuries-old barriers to access and literally transforms the curse of disability into a conduit of blessing! The disability-affected and their families are provided with capacity-building services and the life-giving message of the Gospel which empowers them to not only help themselves but become agents of change in their community!

Their transformation testifies to Christ and His promise of abundant life for all who a land where few know His name.

Join us today...because we can't do it without you!

TS John, Founder
South Asia Access

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